Let’s make this the best Photography Club on Vancouver Island!

Welcome to the brand new Sooke Photography Adventures Club. Now that you’re here, you probably want to know what the club is all about and what we have planned for the future. Well, here’s where we are going…

We will have monthly meetings consisting of a discussion of photography related topics and a review of some of our members photographs from the previous month. Your input and participation will help shape that future and I look forward to meeting you at our first meeting, which will be announced soon.

In addition to holding monthly meetings, we will be going on photography adventures, primarily around the Sooke & southern Vancouver Island area. During these meetings we will have the opportunity to practice techniques that we’ve discussed at meetings and online, while enjoying our beautiful environment. These adventures are a great way to get to know other photographers and share experiences with them.

We will be exploring ways to improve our photography, no matter what level we are at, or whatever we use to capture our photos.

Part of the reason for being in a photography club is to have fun and so we will do things to promote that. We may have contests for members only or even open them up to the general public, to try and get more interaction with the community.

All of the above is part of the yearly club membership. In the near future, I will also be offering workshops and other learning opportunities, that go beyond what we do in in the club. Details will be on the other areas of this website, but I plan on offering club members a discount.

Please share this information about the new Sooke Photography Adventures Club to any photographers you know and anyone else who may have even the slightest interest in photography, so that we can build an active, exciting photography community. Thank you!