October Fall Adventure

Hi everyone, it was great to see a bunch of you at our September meeting. As we discussed there, the topic for this month’s Flickr challenge is Fall Photos and the Flickr tag to use will be SPAC-Fall. As always, they should be new photos, captured from the time of our September meeting, until the time of our October meeting, when we will review them.

Reflecting on Change

For our Autumn Adventure, we will be going to The Butchart Gardens from 9:00 AM until noon (or longer if you wish to stay), on Thursday, October 20th, 2022. Just a reminder that they charge a fee for entry, but if you haven’t seen the Gardens in some time, it is well worth it.

A Globe of Fall Colours

4 thoughts on “October Fall Adventure

  1. Thanks Drake

    I have a fitness class on Thursdays. Hate to miss it, but love to go to Butchart. 🤷‍♂️. What to do what to do? 😉


  2. Drake, I do not know if I am in or out. I have paid a membership fee, but don’t think I am registered in the group???? I did not get this notice in my e-mail, but from Linda. I might be a bit of a pest until I get set up and understand how things work.


      • Drake, I am trying to move three photos from albums in Flickr to the SPAC group. I have requested to join the group but it is pending and does not show up as a group I belong to. Please advise. Also is it possible to go into the SPAC group and review the photos displayed when we met on Wed Oct 26? How do I get to see the shooting info for each pic (is it possible)


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